The human capacity for experiencing wonder is an inspiration to both me and my work.  Playfulness and curiosity are not limited to frivolity and distraction; they are fundamental human qualities that incite discovery and experimentation.  Because of this, I intend to maintain space in my work within which unexpected realities can appear.

I believe that engagement with certain objects and environments can sustain happiness, induce wonder, and expand awareness.  I want to better understand why/how this is so, and to create work which will inspire meaningful and compelling experiences.  If Walter Benjamin sought to liberate “things from the bondage of utility,” my goal is to create what may liberate people from the same – work that engages people’s subjectivity and empowers them to resist automation.  Thus I endeavor to develop dynamic, vital and inclusive situations in space and designed objects.

In design methodology, I see opportunities to help reify our relationships with one another and to address alienation brought about by the rapid illumination of global culture.  By challenging the isolationist tendencies of technology, encouraging social responsibility, and strengthening community, art and design have potential to create bridges that span these widening global tributaries.  

I am committed to fostering a more sensitive and sophisticated body of work, to employing design methodology as a means of transforming my philosophical and philanthropic impulses into concrete human experiences.  Through speculative deliberation and articulation, intellectual fervor and depth, I hope to maintain a continuity of passion.  I want to reveal new permutations and expressive potentialities of independent commercial and entrepreneurial sensibilities. 

I seek a challenging and connective practice that will explore new materials and to create an assembly of projects and experiences that investigate the boundaries of making, embrace compassion, and give credence to humans’ capacity for trust.  By galvanizing the collusion between individualistic agency and collective consciousness, design can forge bonds to empower a sustainable future.